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About the excellent utilization of SEO in your website design

Like many other owners of small and medium businesses who are weighing their options with regards to taking a leap into the world of online commerce you are most likely searching for the best possible SEO (search engine optimization) advice. The basic concept that you need to understand in this is that Google and the other major search engines will always rank what they can read. This should be your guiding principle before you embark on your website design project. It is rather unfortunate that many business owners fall for websites that are awash with flashy designs and images but extremely sparse contents dominated by a plethora of highly competitive keywords. Going for such a website is a sure recipe for disaster – you need to have this done in the right way.

Issues of SEO, contents and website pages

Google attaches varying importance to the contents of each webpage depending on the prominence of the positions where these writings have been placed. Simply put, more search engine optimization attention will be paid to contents placed on a webpage’s most prominent locations. It is for this reason that a webpage’s main heading carries majority of the SEO attention as compared to the body’s contents. Placing targeted keywords in the heading will therefore greatly augment your website’s SEO efforts.

On a different note, it is worth appreciating that any attempts to hide SEO contents on your webpages will just be an exercise in futility; you really cannot manage to outsmart today’s brilliant search engine robots. In hiding keywords you are basically admitting that such SEO contents have no place on or relevance to that particular page thus your attempts to insert them anywhere within the body but not in a prominent location. Attempting to reap SEO rewards via sinister motives just doesn’t fly anymore.

Selecting and allocating your keywords

The tested and proven way to select and allocate keywords for and to each page on your website is two-prong:

Carry out accurate keyword research via the requisite software and tools Allocate these keywords to the contents most prominent areas via the required sitemap and theming architecture

Doing this won’t be a walk in the park though and it is therefore advised to seek the services of a well reputed SEO company that will get the job done to perfection. Effective search engine optimization is now more than ever about optimally utilizing all the ethical practices available and shunning all forms of coding hocus-pocus and hanky panky. Achieving top-notch results will depend on how carefully and accurately you have selected your keywords and phrases, placed them on your webpages most prominent locations, and gone about getting your site’s name out there to both make it popular and to get backlinks from other related websites.



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