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Increasing conversion rates –The key to making great sales

SEO is important because it helps to position your website where potential customers can find it. To be more precise, SEO is supposed to make your website turn up on the first pages of search engine results when customers search for particular keywords. You’ll therefore receive very high traffic to your website if you’ve done effective SEO. However, effective SEO and the high web traffic it will bring is only the first step towards success. The next step is to get most if not all of the people visiting your website to buy from you or do whatever it is you’d like them to, whether it’s calling a number, signing up for a newsletter, and so on.

The percentage of people visiting your website who actually buy or do what you are requesting of them is referred to as the conversion rate. A high conversion rate means that a lot of people are responding to your requests. You thus need to achieve and maintain a high conversion rate if your business is to stay profitable. You have at your disposal very many ideas that you can use to increase your site’s conversion rate. Below are a few worthwhile suggestions.

Visitors will become customers if you build trust in them and there are many ways through which you can do this. For instance, you can display customer reviews and testimonials on the website. Potential customers will get a glimpse of what your products are like through these reviews and testimonials. However, because some business owners offer overly flattering reviews for their products, customer reviews are typically treated with some skepticism. You can overcome this by displaying some customer profiles on the website perhaps with their emails included. Potential customers will be reassured if they hear nice things about your products from real people.

People hope to see useful content when they navigate through a website. If therefore your website is too Spartan people may become reluctant to stay around long enough to purchase something. You should as such develop informative contents related to your business. Content can be in the form of informative articles and blog postings from you and other people who are knowledgeable in your line of business. People are more likely to buy from your website if they find good information related to your line of business. In addition to good quality contents you must also provide adequate information about each product; no one will want to purchase things that he/she knows nothing about. Desist from providing too lengthy explanations about each item though because customers will not have the time to read through them.

Another important recommendation has to do with the checkout system. People are often put off by complicated checkout procedures. Ideally, customers should place orders and process payments on one page.

The recommendations above are by no means exhaustive since each website is unique and may require more specific techniques to improve conversion rates. Speaking to web marketing experts is always a good idea. NGR Web Team ( is a one-stop provider of web design, SEO and conversion rate optimization services.

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