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Organic SEO – Viewing it from the eyes of SEO Companies…

index-6When people speak about organic SEO they are almost always using it as a “blanket” term to describe the algorithm-driven search results of search engines. However, a search engine optimization company of good repute will often push the meaning of organic SEO and take it a step further. Such service provision companies do not really put a cap on their description of organic search engine optimization to just what crops up in the natural results of the search engine; the methodologies used to get to such rankings are also included.

Basically, there are two camps when it comes to search engine optimization companies. A “white-hat” company will tend to employ what is largely a content-based SEO approach and will seek to not violate the service terms of the major search engines. The “black-hat” search engine optimization company tends to use a technology-propelled SEO approach, often ignoring the major search engines terms of service. Violation of these terms of service isn’t a direct, deliberate thing but a happening that crops up due to the technology-based approach in play. However, it should be noted that neither approach can be considered invalid (despite some of the pictures some white hat search engine optimization companies like to sell, there’s absolutely nothing illegal in the violation of a search engine’s service terms) and both approaches have the capability to hit high rankings. However, SEO companies that take “organic” literally tend to hold on to the belief that the “black hat” SEO approach isn’t organic search engine optimization, and rightly so.

One Merriam Webster relates to organic as “possessing the character of an organism – developing in the fashion of a living animal or plant”. This definition, with regards to a SEO service provision company, describes with accuracy the approach employed to achieve results with longevity in what is the “natural” search engines’ section. One of the older sayings in the industry of SEO highlights that “content is king”. While it makes a whole lot of sense, its validity isn’t set in stone. In the experience of all who’ve watched their websites rise “from page none to page one”, good content really is king. Successive studies have shown that when online visitors put search engines to use they are usually looking for one thing – solid information. They are neither on the hunt for virtual art pieces nor are they looking to be visually impressed by flash sites of the fancy kind. The bottom line is this – SEO companies that truly practice organic SEO relate to the fact above and will actually turn down SEO work when content addition is not on the options list. This is wholly unlike “artificial SEO” firms that are open to embracing a technical loophole philosophy.

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