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We at NGR Web Team staunchly believe that there is much potency in contents that have been written in an informative, compelling and creative manner. While just about everyone in the SEO world agrees that “Content is King”, the fact of the matter is that the web is awash with mediocre contents that have simply been inundated with keywords in a bid to secure high rankings. This is the exact opposite of what our content writing services are about. After you approach us with your project we’ll begin with comprehensive research that will help us to identify your industry’s most relevant and highly sought keywords. It is these that will be used to optimize your contents. We also appreciate the fact that web visitors are people and that they are therefore always after informative contents with regards to whatever they are searching for online including your type of product or service. To this effect we will create effective articles, blogs and press releases that will work to the benefit of your online venture’s marketing effort. Website copywriting – Our writing experts have several years of SEO and SEM experience and are thus able to create web contents that have the ability to convince visitors to become buyers. Our copywriting style involves masterfully combining the elements of SEO and SEM with authoritative writing tone, style and grammar, and thereby ensuring that your site’s contents will communicate your business’ message both clearly and efficiently. Article writing and submission – Some of the vital benefits that will accrue for your online business courtesy of our well-optimized articles include natural link development, more site traffic, higher rankings on the search engines, and cost-efficient brand building. You can have your articles submitted to various top bookmarking sites and directories so as to popularize your business’ products and services. Alternatively, you can have them posted on-site. This way your site’s keyword-rich content will be increased and your visitors and customers will also have access to additional informative contents. Press release writing and distribution – An internet press release is way more powerful than the conventional press release because its impact will be felt even long after its initial online viewing. This is the way to go when you need to secure more publicity for your business, and this via blogs, news search engines, etc. Press releases are also vital sources of numerous links to your site and will therefore boost your SEO efforts further. The NGR Web Team expert writers will write effective PRs based on your selection of topics. Blog posting – Writing effective blogs is all about offering memorable lively contents in a timely manner. Our writers will combine these elements with all the particular requirements you have outlined for your online business and its customers. In case you don’t have a blog yet you can request for our customized blog design and WordPress installation services.