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Custom Facebook Fan Page Design
Having a Facebook fan page is absolutely important in the current era of online marketing seeing as this presents a very cost-effective avenue through which your business can interact with a global audience. Considering that there in excess of 800 million Facebook members worldwide, it will be rather foolhardy to dismiss this marketing opportunity. NGR Web Team has you well covered in this regard; you can confidently approach us for all your custom design Facebook fan pages, customized Facebook applications, Facebook-connected websites, and all other related applications. The custom fan page that our experts will design for your company will offer you the key benefits of: Authority – Having a Facebook page that prominently stands out will lend an air of authority to your website and visitors will most likely be tempted to find out more about it Brand awareness – Whenever you click on “Like” in Facebook it shows on your profile. Similarly, when a visitor “likes” your page it will show on his/her page and subsequently be seen by all his/her friends. A fast brand awareness chain-effect can therefore be easily started any time every day. Credibility – Visitors are bound to be drawn to a sufficiently interactive and valuable page. Your company will in this case definitely gain more credibility and word about it will spread very fast. With regards to the design of your custom Facebook fan page there are two options:
  1. A Facebook banner – This will take the form of a vertical 200X600 banner and will appear on the left sidebar of your Facebook page thus replacing the conventional photo. You have the option of placing this banner on both your personal profiles and business fan pages where it will appear on the info pages as well as on the wall. This banner design typically bears enticing ads.
  2. A Facebook landing page – This is basically a full-page HTML landing page that is very similar to other pages on the web and based on your preferences it can feature clickable buttons, graphics, graphical and actual text, text links, and videos.
The NGR Web Team experts can use one of these three approaches to design your custom Facebook fan page:
  1. Design with FBML – The initials FBML stand for Facebook Markup Language; this is analogous to HTML. Through this design technique we can make custom fan pages for your business (we can include custom boxes and tabs) although this won’t be possible for groups and profiles. This technique has proven to be effective for SEO as it helps to increase the number of backlinks to a website thereby facilitating an ascent in rankings. In addition, it helps to exploit the online marketing potential that Facebook presents thus amplifying your interaction with your target audience. Visitors who are not Facebook members will have no problem with regards to touring your page.
  2. Design with FBJS – Using Facebook Java Script, analogous to Java Script Language, we can design custom Facebook fan pages that’ll offer some functionalities which aren’t possible with FBML including form submission, mouse over effects, image scrolling, etc.
  3. Design with iFrame – The latest debutant into this design fray is iFrame. With the use of this application an additional number of advantages will accrue. Unlike in the case of FBML which presents various limitations, iFrame allows you to apply your own programming expertise. In addition, you can make as many changes to your page without logging in; a higher level of security will be accorded to your fan page and even in the event that someone logs in to your account he/she won’t be able to make alterations on your fan page.