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Custom Software Application Development
For several years now NGR Web Team has been successfully developing custom software solutions for clients in diverse industries including healthcare, education, retail and real estate. Our proficiency in the execution of these projects has been well appreciated by these clients and they have as a result referred us to even more clients. This level of success has only been made possible by the skills and expertise of our team. The objective of our bespoke software development service is primarily to strengthen our clients’ business’ brands. As a result, these businesses are enabled to achieve unprecedented success; some have even surpassed their own objectives. Fine results in such projects can only be achieved if the basics of each project are well understood by the team. Only then will these experts be able to be successful with the subsequent complexities. Flexibility and speedy adaptability are crucial in these projects seeing as the clients’ requirements and the world of e-commerce are both very dynamic; these demands naturally require us to exercise fast responses to all manner of issues that will arise internally and externally. As such, paying close attention to the clients’ requests and being adaptable helps us to get things right from the outset, thereby saving time and money for both parties. Our expertise in this field has enabled us to adopt a results-oriented four steps approach us follows:
  1. Explanation and clarification – During this initial stage our experts will explore every facet of your design and implementation requirements. This careful overview helps us to identify all the crucial indicators that will be encountered as the project’s lifecycle plays out. A proposal detailing our approach to the project will be drafted and submitted to you for approval.
  2. Action – The team will immediately start working on the project upon receiving your approval. As expected, our progress will incorporate your participation.
  3. Development – During this stage we will ask you to provide constructive feedback with regards to our progress and which will help us to realize an ultimate solution that entirely satisfies all the objectives of your proposal.
  4. Support and maintenance – As soon as the software goes live we’ll start monitoring its performance moving forward in addition to seeking feedback from its primary users. These measures will help us to further improve the product and thereby ensure that it is the best it can be.
Resources for our custom software development service:
  1. Programming tools and languages – LINQ, MVC, AJAX, Silverlight, JQuery, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, Dot Net Nuke, ASP.NET, PHP, C#, Java, C++, Net Framework (4.0/3.5/2.0/1.0), JavaScript, Perl, Visual Basic, VB.NET, VB Script.
  2. Data design – Data normalization, SSADM and RAD, Database optimization and performance tuning.
  3. Development techniques and platforms – ActiveX controls, MS Content Management Server, MS Office, MS Access, Sharepoint Portal Server, COM components, DAO/RDO/ADO, IIS, VBA, MSMQ, Biztalk Server, MTS.
  4. Database platforms – MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, Oracle, IIBM DB2.