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Custom Website Design & Redesign

The core purpose of the NGR Web Team’s website development heptathlon is to enable us achieve high quality website designs for our clients. Website developers and owners alike can concur that website quality is NOT measured with respect to eye-catchy graphics or superior quality images. Visitors to your site may be drawn by its fanciness but they’ll soon become disinterested if the site doesn’t serve a worthwhile purpose.

Based on this preamble NGR Web Team confidently describes itself as the go-to website design company that you can rely on for a SEO-friendly site whose attractiveness is courtesy of a high quality web design job. With regards to website design and the major search engines, there is really no other way to conduct profitable business online except to secure high rankings for your website. For this to materialize you must work with a reputable SEO service provider that is renowned for using unique effective SEO solutions. You must also appreciate that the top search engines make use of confidential algorithms for purposes of indexing and ranking websites.

The NGR Web Team has years of experience in this industry and has over time developed and refined unique SEO solutions. Our solutions have repeatedly proven to be capable of closely matching these algorithms and this explains how we achieve first page rankings for our clients’ websites. Our idea of effective web design therefore is all about combining the elements of functionality, attractive design, an easy-to-use shopping cart, informative convincing contents, and efficient SEO. These are the ideals that we count on to guarantee you of a positive ROI for your online business.

Website Redesign: It is sometimes the case that an existing website needs to be spruced up so as to conform to the business’ current realities. Perhaps your site looks rather outdated or you may indeed wish to introduce some new products/services to the market. The need to increase the amount of revenue earned via the website is also a viable reason for considering the site’s overhaul. Website redesign services are what you require in such situations and NGR Web Team is well capable of providing the best solutions. Our recent surveys have revealed that redesigning a website helps to boost sales by up to 50% of the previous version’s capability.

There are various advantages that can accrue from custom website redesign as follows: More visitors will be drawn to your site if its contents are regularly updated seeing as customers are known to prefer fresh informative stuff An attractive design will certainly draw more visitors Redesigning gives you the opportunity to start offering better customer services as you will have learnt from the shortcomings of your previous design/s This is also the time to fix broken links and coding faults Custom redesigning will enable you to flexibly capture the current requirements of both your customers and the business This is a good way to further build up your business’ reputation and thereby cement customer loyalty and increase sales volumes NGR Web Team’s website redesign heptathlon follows the steps below:

  1. Analysis of the old site – Our experts make an evaluation of the old site and subsequently compile a list of changes and add-on features that will help to make the new site more appealing and user-friendly. The new site will also be able to rally visitors into making even more enquiries and purchases.
  2. Confirmation by client – You will receive these suggestions for your approval. We’ll also appreciate your input based on your understanding with regards to running the business.
  3. New website design and confirmation – Based on these recommendations our pros will design a mockup website and submit it for your confirmation. Any changes you would wish to see will be incorporated and the ensuing mockup again sent to you. With your approval we’ll proceed to the next step.
  4. Prepping the pages – Our experts will immediately start working on the new website’s XHTML/CSS design aspects in addition to ensuring that the site’s pages will all adhere to the best web standards with regards to W3C validations and browser-compatible codes.
  5. Development and testing – This will start after all the pages XHTML work is done. Our coders will here implement all the requisite features including CMS, ecommerce, forms, interactive headers, etc. as per your site’s requirements. This version of the website will then be placed on a testing server so that you can assess its functioning and proper completion. If all is OK the site will be moved to your live server.
  6. Submission of final files – All the source files will be sent to you seeing as NGR Web Team never claims rights to its clients files and codes.
  7. Uploading of new site – We will finally upload your new site thus allowing visitors to sample its new features.