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Rapid Web Application Development
The NGR Web Team has a solid reputation in as far being a developer of PHP/MySQL database driven web applications is concerned. The applications that we develop on behalf of our clients are integrated with our NGR Web Team CMS thus enabling these clients to implement vital data variables on their own i.e. without our involvement. Industry experts widely acknowledge the fact that an online business website which has been developed using a database driven code language, say PHP/MySQL, bestows seemingly infinite opportunities to a business owner with regards to all the heights that his/her company can soar. This approach to website development works to give the site a robust dynamic base and which facilitates the development and integration of a hugely varied assortment of web applications and user features, all which will significantly optimize your site’s manageability, interactivity, and bespoke qualities. We are proponents for this technique of website development because we know that the PHP/MySQL code platform will help you to: Easily add to your site’s documents, text and image contents Regularly update the site whilst also being able to delegate this task to your staff members Send password-protected data to your clients Design online forms capable of collecting and manipulating information collated from already submitted responses Assess the on-site user behavior of clients and members and subsequently send messages to them in this regard Introduce search and save functionalities for all your product catalogs as well as other listings Launch a webstore Use a web-based application to manage inventory Make the most of social networking Start managing company requirements with the help of web-based applications The development process: For these projects we make use of an in-house framework. This is actually a PHP/MySQL code library that was developed by the team for purposes of developing database driven web applications capable of interacting with a CMS. We are thus readily equipped to on your behalf develop a cutting-edge interactive website that will deliver all the aforementioned functionalities. Such a site will ordinarily feature the following: User accounts Customized search and save features Member account and online booking systems Financial and shipping calculators Community, support and discussion forums Classifieds and online directories Networking features Rating and reviewing applications Content and document management systems Additional industry-specific features   In using the PHP/MySQL database platform to develop bespoke web applications we will be informed by your business’ specific needs and requirements. It sometimes happens that we can employ our in-house code base libraries from previous development cycles. These will however need some tweaking so that they can conform to your requirements. There are also situations where entirely new systems are required; our pros have the expertise to ably handle such assignments. The ready-made applications are subsequently integrated with a Content Management System thereby allowing the website owner to independently make all the adjustments that he/she deems necessary for each application. Industry-specific software: There is a growing trend among clients whose businesses make use of industry-specific software whereby they now need their main software programs to be adapted and re-coded in the context of a given database driven programming language. This is ostensibly aimed at enabling their staff and clients to conveniently access their sites’ interfaces, and which proves to be more user-friendly than solely depending on computer hardware that operates the software considering that adjustments can be remotely made on an online web application. NGR Web Team can ably undertake such assignments thanks to the expertise of our team. Some of the PHP/MySQL database driven web applications that we can create based on your website’s requirements include: Customer login systems Facebook integrated registration systems User/My Account systems Search feature systems Member directories Event sign up systems Scheduling systems Financial calculators Shipping calculators Auction management systems Business directory systems