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There is certainly no doubt about the high level of competition that characterizes the web technologies universe but there is consensus about the fact that in PHP we have an environment that allows for rapid and cost-effective development of web applications. Indeed it is the enabling nature of the PHP environment that facilitates the development of a host of superior web portal and ecommerce applications. Industry stakeholders can vouch for the fact that PHP programming is the most befitting technology for web development for the world’s rapidly dynamic requirements. PHP development is thus the most ideal choice for you if you require the latest rapid web technologies for your custom website’s application development. NGR Web Team has for several years now served multiple clients from diverse industries using PHP programming and we can confidently declare that this is a far better approach as compared to alternatives such as ASP Programming and Cold Fusion Development. Our experts are well-versed in the intricacies of PHP programming and can therefore produce brilliant results with regards to any of your web application requirements. Why do we prefer PHP?   It is open source and therefore freely available for use It supports multiple platforms and an array of web servers Databases including Oracle, MS Sql, MySQL, and more, are well supported as are JAVA, IMAP, XML and LDAP, and other internet protocols. Its robust API makes for superior extensibility Via PHP Zend and CakePHP it provides quality MVC framework support It is compatible with open source CMSs including Drupal, WordPress, Ecommerce and Joomla It allows for fast web development and provides various levels of security Using PHP for application development NGR Web Team has for several years now been offering top-notch PHP application development, web development and application programming services to its clientele. As a result of this expertise, our team comprising of PHP open source programmers, coders and web developers has what it takes to handle a wide range of assignments while employing the industry’s latest customization techniques and technologies. Ecommerce development with PHP Only the latest and most efficient PHP technologies for web development are applied for our ecommerce web development services. Clients who own small and large online business alike have all found applicable solutions at NGR Web Team as these ecommerce technologies are available in several packages each of which offers different options.  About the PHP Zend and CakePHP frameworks Both PHP Zend and CakePHP are built on MVC (Model-View-Controller) frameworks that essentially allow designers and programmers to work self-sufficiently. Put simply, the MVC model of design facilitates the separation of web pages (View) from the internal application codes (Controller-Model) thereby enabling designers and programmers respectively to reduce the length of the web development process as they will be focused on their areas of expertise. Applications are also developed much faster this way. PHP and CMS NGR Web Team provides a customization and integration service with regards to Joomla, WordPress and Drupal and this approach is widely renowned as an effective way of eliminating website content management troubles. Many of our satisfied clients can attest to the manner in which this development approach has helped to achieve increased productivity and efficiency of operations. We can similarly speedily create an Ecommerce website for you based on this highly customizable open source shopping cart that is renowned for its fast, flexible and easy-to-manage nature.