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eCommerce SEO Services & Strategy
With regards to delivering e-commerce SEO services, NGR Web Team is all about providing its clients with tailor-made e-commerce solutions matching their exact requirements and replete with easy-to-use back office systems. Unlike the manner in which a great number of other companies approach to this requirement involves tying you to their in-house frameworks, NGR Web Team is flexible in its approach and thus our ability to achieve e-commerce website design solutions that can glove-fit all your various requirements. Simply put, our experts have all the resources and skills required to make your business the best it can be online. We make use of a website design platform that was built upon the results of an extensive research into what our e-commerce website customers require. Repeated analysis and testing of our prototype has resulted in this high-flexibility system that will allow you to conveniently edit, add and delete products/services as required. Our experts will handle every aspect of your website’s design and building, including the integration of HTML where applicable as this will offer huge search engine advantages. You can opt for either a fully managed website or go for one where your access will be via a back office system. In case of the latter our experts will offer all the requisite training. Lots of various features and benefits, optional and customizable, will be part and parcel of your new online store. These include: 1. A back office system simplified for use (training offered) 2. Several languages 3. Multiple currencies 4. Connection to Yahoo Finance for automated currency updating 5. Unlimited products and pages 6. Several images for each product 7. Sections for popular products, sales items, new products 8. Related products 9. Featured products 10. Integration with Google Base and top affiliate sites to boost sales 11.Easy to use customer database 12.Customer logins 13.Comprehensive search tool 14.Selection of payment gateways 15.Product and customers testimonials 16.Customizable tax and delivery features 17.Infinitely numerous categories and subcategories 18.Hosting and domain name included 19.Optimized search engine friendliness 20.Comprehensive security 21.Newsletters It is worth observing that while optimizing e-commerce websites for the search engines is typically difficult. This is however not the case for NGR Web Team’s solutions because as soon as you task us with your project we will start by making the upcoming e-commerce store SEO-friendly thus according it a competitive edge that will ensure its success in the e-commerce universe. Additionally, you can always expect a top-notch support package and comprehensive training courtesy of our experts. The steps involved in custom-designing an e-commerce website are as follows: 1.Requirement analysis – Using a questionnaire our experts will seek to know from you crucial project details including project goals, visuals and design, targeted audience, unique system requirements, preferred timeframe, budget, etc. 2.Drafting of initial proposal – A draft covering the various features of the site will be prepared thus enabling us to determine the length of time we’ll need to implement your specific requirements 3.Project kickoff – This will start once we have agreed on the new site’s features and scope of work, and payment of a deposit i.e. 50% of estimated project cost. A project manager will be assigned to the job thus facilitating communication and feedback with client. 4.Initial planning – Before production commences the appointed project manager will engage with members of the production team to discuss pertinent matters about the target audience, design ideas for the home page, etc. Your ongoing input will also be required from this point onward via meetings with these designers. 5.Development of strategy – A team comprising of online branding, internet marketing and SEO experts will consult to determine the best way forward for the project. This will be done via analyzing competitor websites, identifying niche markets, proposing new streams of revenue, and analyzing emergent web strategies. 6.Delivery of content – Unless otherwise, the client will at this point be required to submit the contents required for the project including texts, images, data, graphics, logos, etc. 7.Commencement of production – The concerned designers will, using the submitted materials, embark on creating several mockups and which will be shown to the client for feedback. Finalized designs will then be translated into HTML pages and integrated with server side programming. 8.Testing and debugging – The project will be subdivided into several modules and which will all be individually tested and debugged. Upon completion the entire system will be placed on the local server for testing. 9.Beta release – Following the completion of the production process the new website will be placed on the hosting server and tested for usability. 10.Website launch – A final quality assurance process will be carried out on the website before its launch. Necessary adjustments will be made in the three weeks following the site’s launch.