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Google Analytics Consulting & Solutions
The essence of our Google Analytics service is threefold:
  1. To ensure that you and your team can make excellent decisions based on the most relevant best data
  2. To access excellent data that is in a format which allows for easy comprehension and application
  3. To ensure that the data accessed suffices for meeting all the business goals that your online venture has set out to achieve
Courtesy of the following aspects of our Google Analytics services we’ll provide you with precise analytics and ensure that the right data has been extracted for each of your organization’s departments. Audit and Strategy – It is often the case that incomplete data is reported through Google Analytics. It is also imperative to that the implemented Google Analytics code is reporting error-free and this considering that sites are growing and code is being added and/or updated. To this effect, the NGR Web Team audit involves: Alignment of business strategy with measurement strategy and/or results, Implementation of current analytics, Segmentation prerequisites, Data collection breaches and configuration, Ensuring the implementation of best practices via deployment, Ensuring proper segmentation via attribution, marketing, and traffic channels, Social measurement, Mobile measurement, Ensuring optimal functionality via feature adoption and code version. Implementation – NGR Web Team employs the time-tested and successful Google Analytics Implementation Methodology. We’ll equally ensure that you will be getting the most from your Google Analytics platform in as far as tracking and analyzing metrics is concerned. Support and Training – We have for a number of years enabled various businesses to grow successfully by providing them with the requisite analytics information coupled with role-based and tailor-made in-house training. This form of training has proven to be much more useful than off-site blanket-approach training; you and your team will be walked stepwise through the analytics process thereby ensuring that all concerns have been addressed and that the process has been well understood. Business Analytics and Consulting – Our team of experts have the proficiency required to align your online venture’s objectives with a relevant measurement strategy that will ably support these goals in the short-term and long-term. They will also assist you to design an effective data-based decision-making approach that will enable you to make useful decisions and which will ultimately result in profitable growth. Transferring to Google Analytics – Our team of experts will also help you to successfully switch to the Google Analytics platform by developing all the requisite details i.e. assessment of analytics needs, definition of metrics, reporting of process consistency, data, and needs, as well as training to facilitate optimal incorporation of Google Analytics in your business. Integration via custom and advanced solutions – The NGR Web Team experts can adeptly take care of various problematic analytics issues by implementing various customized solutions including third-party e-commerce integration, grouping and categorization of content, multimedia and video, social and mobile, marketing automation, CRM, and so on. Google Analytics Premium – This novel analytics platform is what your organization requires in order to realize increased processing capability, speedier reporting, and boosted data limits, and we can help you to use it for your organization’s optimal benefit.