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Joomla Website Development, Design & SEO

Being a high-performance Content Management System, Joomla will allow you to design and develop websites and a wide-ranging assortment of robust online applications. This award-winning CMS is renowned for its extensibility and user-friendliness, and we have as such used it on numerous occasions to deliver feature-rich cost-effective web solutions for our clients.

There is so much more to Joomla apart from the fact that it is open-source software. Available for this CMS are 4400+ third-party extensions and which means that lots of website features have already been developed. For just about any feature you need therefore all you have to do is install the relevant extension and modify it as per your requirements. At NGR Web Team we can vouch for the choice of using Joomla on account of its pronounced SEO-friendliness.

Our Joomla-design website clients can attest to the fact that their sites are consistently perched in the upper echelons of the search engine results pages and this has certainly played a big role in cementing our reputation as proficient SEO professionals. Joomla web design offers the following strong points: Novel function and style technology An extremely robust CMS Numerous Joomla templates are available and which can all be customized The diverse array of extensions and plugins guarantees continued functionality It allows for easy updating Only minimal training is required to enable website owners to fully manage their sites Costs of managing a website are dramatically reduced In as far as Joomla web design is concerned our professionals are extremely adept in the aspects of: Web design Website development Extension development i.e. plugins, components and modules Template design Template development T3, Gantry and WARP Framework Web hosting SEO On-site optimization Customized Joomla templates:

Our Joomla templates of course feature the typical PHP and XHTML but it is their advanced CSS that makes them a standout. Courtesy of the CSS we provide our clients with clean and table-less templates. Not only do these qualities facilitate SEO but they also allow for easy and flexible design modification. Further, our customized templates allow website owners to exercise much better control with regards to fast problem-free updating. Our professionals will also come in handy just in case you have a template that needs some sprucing up. We’ll do all the visualizing, analyzing, stylizing and optimizing needed to make it a masterpiece. Last but not least, you can also approach us when you need to have any of your graphic designs converted into a top-notch Joomla template. Customized Joomla extensions:Despite there being numerous plugins, components and modules already, new extensions are always in high demand.

You can no doubt rely on the professionals at NGR Web Team to create just about whatever customized Joomla extension you require seeing as our new extensions are all within the precepts of the Joomla framework and MVC model. You will as such be guaranteed of aesthetically-pleasing extensions replete with the desired qualities of security, user-friendliness, and functionality.