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Business Logo Design Services
With regards to your online business’ bid to establish itself as a unique, professional and credible brand, the aspect of logo design is of utmost marketing importance.  NGR Web Team has in the course of its existence designed numerous logo designs for businesses drawn from diverse industries. Among what we have designed so far are corporate logos, creative logos, business logos, and Flash animated logos. The experience that our design team has garnered as a result of this broad-based exposure will no doubt enable us to create an excellent logo for your business. Seeing as our abilities have impressed so many clients already, we are certain that you will also be enthralled by what we’ll achieve for you. Not only do our logos capture the essence of professionalism, they also embody each client’s requirement for a symbol of his/her business’ identity and subsequently become powerful marketing tools. The logo design you will receive from NGR Web Team will become the most recognizable aspect of your brand since it will, as expected, feature on most of your business’ items. Its recognition and identifiable character will from the get-go facilitate the creation of a fruitful relationship with your clientele. You can definitely expect that your logo will stand out from those of your competitors courtesy of our team’s adeptness at juggling with intriguing colors, shapes and fonts. The design will be such that it will be easy to pick out your company from a list of other similar businesses online. Clients who already have logo designs are advised to have them updated on a regular basis as opposed to completely overhauling the same, and more so if an appreciable level of recognition has already been achieved. In this regard NGR Web Team will give your present logo design a refreshing upgrade via appropriate solutions e.g. font change, simplification, incorporating a new element, and so on. The implemented action/s will deliver an improvement that will work to better your site’s identification, popularity and performance. The NGR Web Team’s logo design process is as follows: Seeking client’s information – Via a questionnaire you will inform us about your likes and dislikes with regards to your present logo design Concept design – Based on your responses we will come up with 5-8 concepts and which will be sent to you for comments. This should take 4-5 days. Feedback – You will be required to assess each of these concepts and again tell us what you like and dislike about each one of them. Revision of concepts – Your observations will enable us to improve on what you have adjudged to be your favorite concepts However, if none of our concepts was to your liking then we’ll revert to the concept design stage and prepare new ones. Our concepts should be ready in no more than 5 days and will be sent to you for comments. Revision of new concepts – We will again require your feedback so as to tweak the approved concepts to your liking. Repeating this process 3-5 times should result in a solid design that you will love. The approved logo design will be sent over to you in pixel file and vector formats, in addition to the fonts we used to create the same. The said pixel file formats include PNG, JPG, EPS, AI and CDR, etc.