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Mobile Phone Marketing & Advertising
Online business owners have no option but to embrace mobile phone marketing, in addition to their websites of course, as this is the sure way to access the bigger marketplace potential that the web presents. Industry experts are of the opinion that in the next two years mobile internet traffic will be overwhelmingly greater than the volume of conventional computer internet traffic. This observation is ably backed by the fact that the newest frontier for web technology is centered on the design of mobile websites. Online businesses must therefore take cue and start preparing for this novel internet use era. NGR Web Team is widely renowned for offering excellent web design and SEO services having been around for several years now. In line with our quest to continually implement cutting-edge technologies we offer top-notch mobile SEO services. Our experts can in this regard design a superb mobile phone website for your business. This website will for all mobile devices and across all platforms be search engine friendly. From a technical perspective it is worth knowing that mobile websites are differently indexed on the search engines as compared to conventional websites. Indexing is only possible once the correct notations for these sites appear on the search engines. The search engines can only read mobile websites if modern HTML5 techniques and CSS3 style sheets plus scripting languages   have been implemented. The same prerequisites are what enable mobile devices to display these web pages. Using this vanguard array of technology therefore NGR Web Team can design a mobile site for your online business as well as implement top-notch mobile SEO services. The aforementioned HTML5 technology is implemented on all Android and iOS5 mobile phones; these devices constitute more than three-quarters of the Smartphone market share. Courtesy of the HTML5 technology mobile websites can easily access the latest scripts versions so much so that they can play videos in the absence of third-party plugins. HTML5 and CSS3 are interlinked by the Modernizer JavaScript library and it is in this way that a mobile-friendly structure is realized. With this structure in place our experts can design SEO-friendly mobile websites capable of increasing traffic, generating leads, and converting sales. Your new mobile website should therefore have no problems with regards to attracting increased mobile internet traffic. NGR Web Team will therefore harness all these technologies and build a fully functional mobile website for your online venture. In cognizance of the fact that online ventures now require additional mobile capabilities our experts will accordingly whatever iPhone apps deemed necessary for your business’ operations. You can similarly approach us for other associated services; we can on your behalf write effective corporate communiqués, press releases, and all other copywriting texts, design and build websites, as well as handle your branding requirements.