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Multilingual SEO & Marketing Services
NGR Web Team offers effective multilingual SEO (also referred to as international SEO) services and which are aimed at preparing a solid footing for the success of your business’ global search marketing campaign. Carrying out multilingual SEO is fraught with many technical challenges considering that language dependent and independent processes must be applied to guarantee that all the relevant search engines will have no qualms in as far as crawling and understanding every aspect of your website is concerned. The following are the steps which our experts will carry out for effective multilingual SEO:
  1. SECA (Search Engine Compatibility Audit) – Various aspects of your website will be analyzed via the SECA approach with an aim of helping our experts to design an action plan that’ll be used to improve its organic ranking both in the short-term and long-term. The five crucial factors that will be reviewed here are: Link attractiveness and search engine infiltration, URLs, browsers and structure, Navigability of the site, Source code, Source content, and Issues of language recognition.
  2. Multilingual keyword research – As is the case for conventional SEO whereby carrying out proper keyword research is imperative, the same applies for multilingual SEO. Our experts will as such perform keyword research to identify the appeal of select keywords and to establish the competition for the same. We’ll thus be in a position to determine the keywords that will be applied to your site. By extension, this stage will also reveal the various search phrases and patterns that can be applied to your site’s pages and meta-content. All these will undoubtedly make for a rigorous process seeing as there are different search terms and patterns for every country and language.
  3. Optimization Code – The keywords thus identified will be used to optimize the title tag and meta data tag or code for each page on the site; search engines attach great relevance to this optimization process as it helps them to evaluate each page’s relevance for particular queries. This procedure is aptly known as the Optimization Code.
  4. Content review for website localization – All the contents on your site will be reviewed at this stage so as to evaluate five aspects: Headers, Keyword prominence, Keyword density, Internal linking, and Formatting i.e. underline, italics and bold. Only a person who is native to a particular market can give the OK as to whether your website will have the best possible impact on the potential visitors and customers. We’ll therefore hire a local reviewer whose task will be to tell us whether or not the keywords used will work best for the local search engines and target audience. Multilingual SEO is basically best achieved by going for localization rather than translation.
  5. Geoselector Analysis – Effective multilingual SEO is also achieved if each language site has been made available on a local domain as this guarantees it’s indexing by the local search engines. We’ll achieve this through the application of an efficient geoselector strategy and by making sure that all the local sites are interlinked thus making the acquisition of local links much easier.
  6. Link building – To facilitate effective multilingual SEO our link building service will address aspects of: Each country’s local language links, Targeting of keywords, Submissions to directories, In-site link building, Complex link building with particular phrases, Link analysis including reviews of anchor texts.
  7. Online PR – Currently there is an increased tendency for the use of vertical indexes (including blogs, pictures, news and videos) to get search engine results. This approach is technically termed as “Universal Search” by Google. Our multilingual SEO service will thus include online PR as this will add to the probability of your site securing high rankings on the search engines. It is also likely that you’ll receive a greater number of links.
  8. Social Media – Increased brand appeal and online traffic volume will no doubt be secured via the effective use of social media. NGR Web Team will therefore ensure that your site has a presence on Facebook and Twitter as well as on this pair’s country-specific equivalents. Doing this is expected to produce linkable contents and which will result in higher rankings and increased traffic. Your site’s visibility and brand awareness are also expected to receive a major boost.