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Cross-media Marketing & Planning
Thanks to our considerable number of years in the business NGR Web Team recommends the incorporation of the web into cross-media marketing as an effective way through which an online business can simultaneously deliver its message to its target audience and strengthen its brand. We have a solid understanding of consumer behaviors and industry trends and we as such offer comprehensive online media planning services. Courtesy of these services we’ll design an effective website marketing strategy for your online business and combine it with results-oriented internet advertising to facilitate the realization of your website’s set goals and objectives. The components of our online media planning service include: 1.Campaign planning – This stage lays the foundation of the website marketing strategy that will be employed; to be successful your campaign needs well-coordinated execution. NGR Web Team will in this help you to pinpoint your target audience as well as the objectives of your campaign and subsequently determine how best these objectives will be realized. We have the requisite planning tools to facilitate self-sufficient research work, website demographics, publisher obligations, and pricing, in addition to finding appropriate sites that’ll assist you to realize your campaign’s objectives. 2.Online media planning – We will on your behalf oversee everything that appertains to your online media planning and buying requirements starting from process proposal to implementation. Though this is typically a time-intensive affair we will simplify matters with the use of an automated media planning systems thus guaranteeing optimal efficiency. You can therefore expect that aspects of finding appropriate websites for your requirements, proposal creation, cost analysis computation, insertion orders management, and innovative delivery and transferring will all be accomplished in the least time possible. 3.Creative management – Our experts will ensure that the required ads will reach the required audience at the required time. To design your target message we will employ the most appropriate digital medium and ad type. The digital media at our disposal include JavaScript, HTML, DHTML and Streaming Video. For ad types we have Pop-Under, Pop-Ups, Skyscrapers, Fly-Outs, and Banner ads. Your input will be required to help us ensure that the resulting creative will be shown in a style, location/s, frequency and sequence that will guarantee optimal benefits every time. 4.Analysis and optimization – You certainly expect that your online advertising effort will yield optimal results. NGR Web Team will help you to determine if this is the case via constantly analyzing, testing and optimizing both your internet ad campaign and website marketing strategy.