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Pay Per Click Management Services
For a couple of years to date we have been tasked with the management of multiple pay-per-click campaigns drawn from industries as diverse as real estate, foreign exchange, retail, and many more. We have no doubt gathered immense experience and knowledge as a result of this exposure and these skills have certainly enabled us to become adroit at making the most ROIs for our clients PPC accounts regardless of the competitive natures of their respective industries. We have naturally developed a stage-wise procedure that will definitely guarantee us success in managing your PPC campaign.  Our process is broken down as follows:
  1. Conducting strong keyword research
It will be nothing short of reckless to embark on a new PPC campaign without having conducted comprehensive keyword research. This is especially important when dealing with markets that are renowned for extreme competitiveness; the cost of an erroneously judged click can be notoriously high in such environments. In this regard NGR Web Team will recommend the use of less costlier phrases that will be just as highly effective as generic terms despite being markedly cheaper. Down the years we have realized that the best PPC campaigns are about attracting target-defined traffic to a website as such visitors actually have the intention of buying the product/service on offer. This is as opposed to a nondescript form of traffic that will simply result in the considerable wasting of a client’s monthly investment. To avoid such wastages we’ll therefore begin with a wide-ranging testing of the market so that by the time we launch the actual campaign we’ll be assured of realizing the best ROI. We certainly can’t do this alone so we’ll obviously seek your input and as such create a formidable partnership that will enable both parties to always be fully abreast with the proceedings including all the nitty-gritty aspects involved in measuring ad testing. The overall aim will of course be to find optimally cheap yet quality site visitors who will actually transact business with you.
  1. Choosing an appropriate target title
This is basically another strategy aimed at adding more relevance to the searches done by visitors. Here we’ll think about words and phrases that can be joined to the base keyword and effectively help to ensure your ad’s and by extension your company’s prominent visibility in the major search engines.
  1. Designing the account structure
In as far as setting up an account is concerned it is very essential to ensure that an individual ad group is based around a single keyword as this will add to its relevance in the context of the account. Doing this will be useful in reducing your overall expenses in the long-term seeing as Google tends to target better structured accounts more favorably.
  1. Scheduling of adverts
Our experts can use Google tools to juggle with the times of day when your ad will be available – the ad can therefore appear at predefined times or even be taken off altogether as informed by the volume of online activity. We’ll as such constantly monitor the scenarios as they play out with the aim of enabling you to make the most ROI from your PPC campaign.
  1. Target audience identification
By identifying the target audience we will be in a stronger position to control whoever your ad is visible to. Several parameters (e.g. gender or age) can be targeted in this regard as informed by the context at hand. For instance, a dating site can be seen as being more credible if potential dates will be meeting guys from the same city. Targeting location can in this case be expected to generate significantly more leads. Such targeting can also be significantly cheaper considering that more leads can result from a narrower yet more quality search; in actual fact you’ll be generating more transaction opportunities at a lesser cost.
  1. Ad design and creation
A visitor will definitely be encouraged to make an enquiry if the ad he/she sees is appealing to the eye; it is really all about creating confidence about your business’ products or services.
  1. Creating specific landing pages
Superior quality ads can be followed up with focused landing pages bearing a rallying call that will motivate the visitor to buy. These pages objective will be to simply ensure that the greatest volume of leads will be converted into sales.
  1. Tracking conversions
All the efforts that have been factored into your PPC campaign should have measurable results. We’ll thereby ensure that tangible results are established starting with the campaign’s overall success right down to specifics like the visitors’ locations, times of visit, pages visited, etc.
  1. Budgeting
You are definitely best placed to determine the amount of money you wish to spend on your campaign on a daily and monthly basis. We will on our part tackle all the above prerequisites to the best of our ability and ensure that the project becomes a resounding success. 10. Content network Another way of increasing responsiveness on Google partner sites at a cost that is significantly lesser than search is to harness the content network medium. It will over time be possible to know where an ad has been displayed as well as the cost of obtaining individual leads. By keeping the two mediums separate you can readily make side-by-side comparisons of their effectiveness. Why choose us? NGR Web Team provides a no-cost initial consultation and PPC account review to demonstrate how well we can step up performance, reduce your per click and per acquisition of sale costs, and guarantee you the best ROI. You will no doubt stand to attain the best results with us – a proven one-stop-shop PPC management firm.