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Integrating Social Media for Your Brand
NGR Web Team provides a comprehensive social media integration service that will result in all your business’ social media activity being combined in a single hub on the main website. As a result of this service you will be able to: Stream all your Facebook and Twitter activity directly to the website thus enabling it to always have fresh contents. Updating your social media sites will also become a much easier task. It will increase your site’s capacity to invite follows and links User experience will be vastly improved thereby benefitting your site’s organic SEO Visitors will also want to spend more time on your website and this will also work positively for its organic SEO The following are the components of our social media integration services:
  1. Designing of existing Facebook pages
  2. Designing new customized Facebook pages
  3. Servicing your requirements for Facebook coupons as well as promotional campaigns
  4. Setting up and testing new Twitter accounts
  5. Adding Twitter widgets to a website. These widgets update automatically thus allowing you to make changes to your site in real time even from a remote location or via your cell phone
  6. Linking of Twitter and Facebook accounts. You will therefore only post updates to Twitter and they will be automatically copied to Facebook. Linking will make your account maintenance job much easier and consistent.