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Web Analytics Tracking Services & Solutions
The NGR Web Team experts have all the proficiency required to carry out various web analytics and tracking tasks for your website; whatever you need ranging from basic pageview tracking to comprehensive analytics for SEO or e-commerce support, our professionals will do a great job. Simply put, web analytics covers all what is done when your website traffic is tracked and analyzed. A number of metrics thus come into play and some of the most common include: Keywords – the words used to find your website are identified Pageviews – the most commonly visited pages on your site are identified as well as the navigation steps the visitors followed Visitor stats – this covers aspects of your visitors locations, OS, browsers, and frequency of visits Downloads – everything that your visitors download on your website is identified There is much sense in website tracking as this will help you to better understand the manner in which visitors are interacting with your website. Our experts will be able to identify all the problematic areas on your site from a visitor’s perspective. We can in this identify what pages enjoy the most viewership and those that aren’t visited as much, we can discover if visitors are having a hard time finding certain links to some pages, and we can also find out if the shopping procedure on your site is putting visitors off, etc. For all these situations we’ll make all the necessary alterations aimed at making visitors experience on your site much friendlier and indeed attract more traffic. Tracking is an indispensable aspect of website management because by measuring your site’s traffic you can be able to change it. NGR Web Team offers several web analytics packages in this regard and they are as follows: 1. Customized web analytics services – A web analytics account will be set up for you followed by the installation of a tracking code on your site. You will then start receiving weekly or monthly email reports whose contents you’ll be trained to understand. These reports will describe the various changes you can make to your site and moving forward you will always be in an informed position to make sound decisions with regards to all the changes you can implement to increase your site’s conversions and leads. 2. Web analytics installation and reporting – Analytics tracking will be installed and a dashboard report built to suffice your requirements. Email reports will be sent to you or your preferred members of staff. Custom web reports will also be dispatched whenever you need data. Training will be offered to help you identify opportunities for website improvement based on results gleaned from segmented reports as well as time-based evaluations. Google Analytics navigation training will also be offered thus enabling you to establish all the information you require about your website’s visitors. 3. Customized web analytics installation and consulting – This will be uniquely set up for your site. Tracking will be based on select performance parameters/indicators such that you’ll be able to monitor just about everything that a visitor does on your site. Recurrent custom email reports which include the said tracking results will be sent to you. In as far as training is concerned you will be able to identify trends and improvements that will help you to observe the achievements and varying requirements of your website. You will also be able to analyze your competitors’ sites so as to identify any improvements you can make on your site. In addition, we’ll send you informative reports detailing the changes you can make to increase your site’s leads, sales and contacts. 4. Professional web analytics and optimization – This package, in addition to offering all the above, features the involvement of the NGR Web Team search engine marketing experts in your site’s operations. You will thus get the best with regards to SEO. Your site’s landing page traffic will be tracked and keyword research done so as to make the site’s language even friendlier for its visitors’ searches. Chances are that you’ll need to add several pages to your site based on the additional popular keywords we’ll identify. All these measures will certainly work to significantly augment your site’s ranking and traffic.