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Professional Web Development Services & Solutions
The way to achieve a winning style of web development is to go about the process very discerningly. The NGR Web Team has down the years mastered this art having worked on hundreds of websites; we’ll combine astute planning, well-informed web development and tactical online marketing execution to realize optimal performance web development for your website. The creation of a strategic plan for your website’s development is what will precede anything we’ll do about your project as this plan is what will guide us in aligning your aspirations with regards to operations, marketing and communication. With the plan of strategy in hand we can ably set out to implement website development that will deliver excellent results all the time. Our numerous satisfied clients can confidently back us up on this. Our website development is not mere rhetoric but rather a process that seeks to help you make the most of internet marketing. NGR Web Team will help you to:
  1. Use website commerce and email to make more sales and earn more profits
The conventional way of making sales is in most cases quite cost-prohibitive but with website development you can effectively diminish these costs by boosting your sales volumes via online and email commerce. NGR Web Team will outfit your site with an E-commerce installation thus enabling clients to conveniently transact business with you via your online merchant account. Your website will definitely enable you to sell more and even enable your suppliers and/or vendors to make orders online. It is worth noting that the said online merchant account will attract lesser bank charges per transaction as compared to a conventional merchant account.
  1. Harness more profitability via email capture and marketing
This aspect of our website development will enable you to market your business globally to virtually everyone who uses email. Your site will be capable of compiling all your clients onto a group list and you will as such have an easy time whenever you need to communicate with them (regularly of course) – you’ll just use a single letter to do so. You will similarly be able to dispatch a newsletter to everyone in the group of targeted clients. All this will obviously substantially reduce your mailing and postage expenses.
  1. Keep your clients sufficiently informed about your business
In business there is nothing quite as helpful as keeping one’s clients fully informed about all the products/services you have available. You can now enjoy this advantage courtesy of our website development process whereby multiple pages on your site will provide in-depth information about your products/services and as such customers will always be sufficiently informed at their convenience (and yours too). Our process will enable regular visitors to bookmark your site and also allow for direct access and printing of your online catalogue and/or brochure.
  1. Cut down conventional advertising expenses and enjoy higher returns thanks to your investment in website development
This will grant you the opportunity to proactively generate online business i.e. e-commerce. The shortcomings of traditional advertising will no longer be a bother as we’ll ensure that your website promotes your business 24-7-365. Some of the other perks will include displaying online catalogues and brochures as well as offering downloadable flyers. Thanks to an increased volume of website traffic you can even opt to offer advertising space for a fee.