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Affordable Web Hosting Services

NGR Web Team offers arguably the best web hosting services you will find anywhere. These services are available in three main formats as follows:

  1. Full Service Hosting: Here we will upload your website as well as set up your email accounts, manage DNS, etc. We’ll also create the FTP accounts you may require in addition to providing all the requisite technical support at no cost. We offer Linux and Windows servers hosting using PHP, CGI, ASP, SQL, MySQL, iHTML, .NET, ColdFusion, etc.
  2. Dedicated Servers: For this service we’ll provide a server that will capably handle your requirements and also do all the administration. This will no doubt be a much convenient hassle-free arrangement seeing as the server will solely cater to your website or database. Again, we’ll upload your site for you and offer no-cost technical support.
  3. Co-Located Servers: Here you will be in total control of the arrangement i.e. you’ll provide the server and entirely manage the software and hardware. We’ll in turn offer partial technical support free of charge.

NGR Web Team owns and runs a modern data center that was ably designed to eliminate the possibility of failures with regards to both components and connections. This facility enables us to assure our clients of optimal uptime and performance, and this courtesy of our redundant internet connections, air conditioning and electrical power equipment. A strict program of maintenance and testing is always adhered to thus ensuring systems integrity on a 24-7-365 basis.  The main features of our data center include:

High-speed internet connectivity: Redundant Cisco routers (customized for BGP4 intelligent routing) are used to power our core network. Internet connectivity will always be maintained even in the event that one of the provider circuits fails because this customization enables instant failover. Multiple providers are used for bandwidth and connectivity and these have been installed in assorted physical paths to ensure interruption-free server connectivity. Electrical power backup: We certainly cannot depend on the local grid for nonstop uptime.

We have in this regard invested in uninterruptible APC power supplies for each of our servers to ensure total equipment protection when power interruptions or surges occur. In the event that an outage lasts more than thirty seconds our automatic standby generator will start powering all our systems. Cooling Systems: To guarantee the optimal performance of all our systems we have invested in cutting-edge cooling equipment that we use to regulate the data center’s humidity and temperature. We have also installed an ultra-modern Fire Detection and Suppression System and we use cutting-edge Security and Monitoring equipment and systems to control access to the data center.