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Work Culture at NGR Web Team

Through the years, at NGR Web Team we have appreciated the need to be totally thorough with regards to tackling all manner of assignments from our clients. This has proven time and again to be the only way that attaining top-notch results and optimal customer satisfaction can be guaranteed. We have as such come up with an all-inclusive seven steps – our very own heptathlon – approach to the website development process. This has since proven to be very appropriate seeing as we always treat our clients individually and tackle their requirements on a step-by-step basis.

Our website development heptathlon; Breakthrough: The first step in our web development procedure is always about coming up with a breakthrough and in effect finding an informed way of tackling your assignment forthwith. At this point, we’ll heartily engage you in talks where lots of questions will be asked, all with the aim of establishing what the best course of action will be.

Planning: After gathering all the information we require from you, your assignment will be allotted to a project manager and who will engage a coterie of strategists in a gripping brainstorming session whose primary aim will be to design a plan of action (including creative strategies and techniques) that will guide us in addressing your website’s objectives right away.

Approval: At this time, we will have already prepared a meticulous digital plan for which we’ll need your approval. We’ll therefore invite once again to offer your opinions about the plan. Once you give us the green light we’ll advance to the implementation stage.

Design: It is here that all of your fundamental objectives will be communicated to our graphic designers. These talented individuals will subsequently concoct a myriad of impressive visuals that will no doubt ably illustrate and clarify what your website is all about. Your input will of course be sought thereby ensuring that you are entirely contented with the results thus far.

Development: At this stage, our developers will take charge of the project and use their expertise to start constructing the operational engine that’ll soon be your website. The work here will mostly involve creation and coding of the site’s pages. We’ll ensure that you can access the budding site as it is being constructed.

Testing and delivery: This is where we will perform numerous tests just to be sure that your site will not succumb to any form of failure once it goes live. Our tests will examine all the possibilities of malfunction until we are satisfied that it is good to go before and after the site’s launch.

SEO: After your website has gone live we’ll immediately embark on search engine optimization, thus ensuring that the site will have a heightened likelihood of being found by prominent search engines including Google and Yahoo. This will of course enable your business to be visible to billions of potential customers globally.